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May 11, 2011

FileMyster 1.2.5 released

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After a 2 year absence, FileMyster is finally updated! We’re terribly sorry it took that long, but we hope this update makes the software better and more usable for you guys. This update is once again based on your requirements, as we’ve knocked down another batch of requests we receive through your feedback. Amongst other improvements, FileMyster now supports multi-user profile which mean multiple users on the same machine can use it having different settings and logs.

Here are the release notes for 1.2.5:-

Bugs Fixed:-
-Always copying file issue on some NAS`s.
-Scheduling problem with processing some date formats.

-Check for update on start-up is optional.
-Got ride of the ugly update window, now update shows in the toolbar.

-Added toolbar style option.
-Added individual slot authentication.
-Import/Export slots.
-Added support multi-user profiles.

I’d like to thank you guys  for your requests and efforts to make FileMyster a better product.

PS: Setup will ask to delete settings, you can safely ignore that message (choosing yes or no doesn’t matter) as the old settings are migrated to the new version.

Thanks and happy syncing!!

March 28, 2009

FileMyster 1.2.0 Release… Finally

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Good day everybody,

After a long long time, the next installment of FileMyster is finally ready! We are sorry it took us a long time to release an update, but we hope it’s worth the wait. We tried to implement almost all the requests, but they just keep on coming (keep them coming :) ). so we decided to freeze the requirements and release this version. If your request wasn’t implemented, Don’t fret. We’ll look through them for the next version.

A portable edition is also available (download)

Here are the release notes for 1.2.0:-

Bugs Fixed:-
-Bug with saving changes.
-Right click bug.

-Removed splash screen (who needs that thing!!!).
-Columns are now re-sizable and size is saved.
-Current window state is saved (location and size).
-Minutes iterations are now available.
-Hide/view for table header.
-The task-bar now show sync percentage completion.
-Redesigned help file.

-Preferences pane.
-Option to display grids.
-Row background color change option.
-Row Font color change option.
-Real-time scheduling.
-Minimize to tray icon option.
-Console application (filemysterconsole).
-Added full mirror (Mirror now renamed to Half Mirror).
-Ability to Backup for deleted and overwritten files/folders.
-Option to change the service account.
-File type exclusions.

To use FileMyster’s console app,  type filemysterconsole in cmd. Type help to view the app options.

Once again thanks a lot for your requests and efforts to make FileMyster a better product.

PS: if you installed a beta i recommend you completely remove it with its configurations and install this version

Thanks and happy syncing!!

October 6, 2008

FileMyster 1.1.5 Released

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Hello everybody!

We’ve just release our second update, thanks to our users feedback. This update was forced by our users requests and bug reports. Thanks a lot guys! This version has the following updates:

Bug Fixes:-

-Service now takes less CPU, Memory and shorter time to complete.
-Service now syncs when ever the service is started when schedule is skipped (PC off).


-Added next sync column in table.
-Added reset button to current date.
-Added Mirror Syncing.


-Better file type checking in slot browser.
-Save changes customized for close and user save.
-Update now show ‘update under progress’ when click more than once.
-Added ‘Log is empty’ Message.
-Added xml corruption recovery.

Next version will also run from the command-line so stay tuned!

September 9, 2008

FileMyster 1.0.8 released

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Good Morning Everybody!

Today is a big day for us here! We’ve just release our first update to FileMyster (Download Now). FileMyster 1.0.8 has the following updates:-

Bug Fixes:
-Log showing ‘no files synced, when synced’.
-Log export error.
-Xml corruption on localized machines.
-Showing invalid folder when access is denied.
-Progress bar doesn’t display for big files.
-Log shows wrong file synced when auto sync.

-Improved overall performance.
-Added two way syncing.
-Log now shows file types selected.
-A few GUI tweaks.

We would like to thank everybody who reported a bug or requested a feature

September 2, 2008

There is a bug!!!

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Okay guys, we received the first bug reported. It was from a user whose Windows XP is in German language and Abdul Aziz figured out the issue within no time as the bug report contained the entire information about the issue (which was something about the Windows XP All users folder)

Rather than worried, we were thrilled to have the first email reporting a bug!!! *Okay guys party time*

August 26, 2008

Georg Likes FileMyster

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Our own FileMyster has been rated by a Korean website ( by Georg. Although we don’t speak Korean (anybody can translate the full review for us?) we know it did good. It got a solid 4.5 out of 5. Not bad for a new product eh!? thanks Georg!

Here’s the link :

Welcome to Bateel Software’s Blog

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Hello and welcome to Bateel Software blog,

We’ve just launched the site a few days ago and we’re planning to post blog entries about our latest project updates. If haven’t, please feel free to download FileMyster our automated syncing tool.