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FileMyster is a free administration tool that allows seamless automatic and manual synchronization between folders. It was developed to make life easier for admins where they can depend on FileMyster to do all their server synchronizations automatically. FileMyster can also be used to sync your music, movies, documents, etc.. between your computers. So FileMyster is perfect for office and home.

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System requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7 or Server 2003/2008 (32 or 64).

Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.

Hey! FileMyster is missing features I'd like to see.

We developed FileMyster to our needs and then added features requested by our users. So if you'd like to see some missing features in FileMyster, we'd be more than happy to add them. Just drop us an email at:

Is it clean? No viruses?

No funny stuff we promise! Don't believe us? ask or

Enough talking, I wanna download this thing!

Easy there buddy, The current version is 1.2.5, Released on 11th May 2011 (Release Notes). Download Now.